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Journal Entry Import from Microsoft Excel & Change Log Clean-Up Utility: The Best of What’s New In SAP Business One 9.3 Part 3

by Matthew Melay on 17-Nov-2017 16:04:37

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The next core expansion for SAP Business One, version 9.3, may be a few months away, however, upon release it is sure to be received with open arms by the SAP Business One user community. This is in part due to the continuous improvement of the program's performance making it one of the most stable and easy to use solutions for the midmarket; leveraging of the SAP HANA platform. Equally, SAP is rounding out key areas within the application, making this version rich with new features too. In part 3 of the Best of What’s New in SAP Business One 9.3 series, the focus turns to two such features: the change log clean-up utility and the journal entry import from Microsoft Excel feature.

Journal Entry Import from Microsoft Excel

This import feature has been requested by accountants for a long time and in version 9.3, it is now possible. The process minimises manual entry and enables a user to import into a journal entry transaction, things like details from a payroll service such as ADP or a set of end of month utility allocations from various company divisions. The feature is located under the Financial module from the main dashboard of SAP Business One. From here select journal entry and users will see the option to import from Microsoft Excel.

Change Log Clean-Up Utility

The change log in SAP Business One is where all the transactions are kept. Over the years of using the program, the log can become quite large. The collective amount of data can be substantial and will often slow down the system dramatically. With this upcoming release of SAP Business One version 9.3, it is now possible to bring clean up the change log reducing the amount of data it occupies which can help increase system performance. The change log clean-up utility is very easy to use and requires that users simply specify the dates that you want to cleanup.

Watch the Journal Entry Import and Change Log Cleanup Demo Video

To learn more about Journal Entry Import from Microsoft Excel & Change Log Clean-Up Utility and to see demo, watch the latest video from the Vision33 TOTAL Care weekly webchat series hosted by Carl B. Lewis. As the general release approaches for SAP Business One version 9.3, stay tuned to the Vision33 blog for more highlights on the application's new features.

Watch the Video



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