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OrchestratedBeer Brewery Inventory App

by Emily Warren on 02-Oct-2017 16:26:55

Introducing the all-new OrchestratedBeer mobile brewery inventory app

The wait is finally over. We’ve finally released the much anticipated OrchestratedBeer brewery inventory app to help simplify common inventory tasks and functions.

Receive raw materials, perform live inventory counts, ship items and print off bill of ladings right from the dock without ever touching another clipboard or being tied to a computer.

The app performs all inventory and accounting transactions behind the scenes allowing brewery employees to spend less time transcribing and manually entering data from clipboard to spreadsheet to system.

We’ve narrowed the app down to the top 3 scenarios of how the inventory app works from a brewery inventory manager’s perspective.


Login Screen 1

1.      Ditch the Clipboard: Inventory Counts from an iPad


(Old) Manual Inventory counts:

Like many breweries his size, Peter the inventory manager is required to count inventory at least once a month at the batch (or lot) level. Though Peter’s giant clipboard offers convenience, it certainly isn’t practical considering he sometimes TRIPLE enters the same information from clipboard to spreadsheet to OrchestratedBeer or other system. 

(New) Real-time Inventory Counts:

With the new mobile inventory app, Peter has a real time digital clipboard to quickly count inventory throughout the brewery. He also has offline capabilities so that he can take his counts to every nook and cranny of the brewery.

With a quick search and a few taps on an iPad, Peter can find item numbers, enter quantities and submit counts with a TTB approved digital signature (TTB article 27 CFR 25.11). It’s all done digitally with an instant to OrchestratedBeer. No more clipboards, hieroglyphic handwriting, spreadsheets and manually keyed entries.

OBeer-Inventory-App-Inventory-Count-Sheet1-245x300.png OBeer-Inventory-App-TTB-Approved-inventory-count-submission1-228x300.png OBeer-Inventory-App-051-234x300.png

2.      Eliminate Guessing Games: Instantly       Receive inventory into stock from the dock


(Old) Manual Receiving Process:

Peter’s team was used to the slow, manual process of receiving items and materials into stock. Bill of Ladings were taken off the pallet, quantities validated and batch/lot numbers were jotted down before being passed on to someone else to hand key into another system.

“Hey man, is that a 7 or a 1?…”  Sound familiar? Miscounts and inaccurate batch IDs due to illegible handwriting were common occurrences in the warehouse. It was always a guessing game.

When it finally came time to enter the sheet into the system, the turnaround time for new items and raw materials to show up in stock was typically a few days. Or whenever someone got around to it… The only consistency in receiving were delays and inaccuracies.

(New) Real-time Receiving:

With the new inventory app, Peter and his team finally had accurate, just-in-time receiving without having to log into a desktop application. Now when a truck pulls up to the dock, Peter can select the Purchase Order to receive, confirm actual quantities delivered, assign a Batch ID number and instantaneously receive items into stock with a few simple taps. No more guessing games.

OBeer-Inventory-App-Purchase-Order-Details-081-241x300.png OBeer-Inventory-App-Edit-Purchase-Order-Batch-ID1-241x300.png

3.      No More Overpromising: Shipped items instantly removed from available stock

(Old) Manual Shipment Process:

Peter and his team also struggled to keep tabs on what was shipped from the dock.

Peter’s orders were in a constant state of change since they were never really locked in. When a distributor changed an order, Peter had to scramble to make last minute edits before the wrong products or quantities left the dock. Peter’s team simply couldn’t keep up in real time.

To make matters worse, the stack of papers for shipped orders at the dock would continue to grow throughout the day, waiting for someone to hand off to the next person to manually input into the spreadsheets or system.

Each hand keyed entry created an opportunity for a mistake. Because all the orders weren’t “real time”, employees were never in sync and the brewery was constantly overpromising customers.

(New) Real-time Shipments:

With the new mobile inventory app, products are immediately taken out of inventory the shipment is processed. This means it will never be at risk of being overpromised.

The warehouse team can also make changes on the fly in real time rather than handwriting something that could be misconstrued by someone else trying to translate what they wrote.

The value of a real time inventory application mitigates the errors and second guessing.

OBeer-Inventory-App-Sales-Order-shipments1-230x300.png OBeer-Inventory-App-shipment-confirmation-101-242x300.png
OBeer-Inventory-App-Edit-Sales-Order-Actuals1-250x300.png OBeer-Inventory-App-AirPrint-Bill-of-Lading2-231x300.png

Do these scenarios sound familiar? How much time and stress would be saved without the mistakes, miscalculations and miss shipments of inventory?

To see how we can help your brewery streamline processes and grow fast, email us:
contact@vision33.co.uk for a free consultation. Download the OrchestratedBEER Reports Pack.


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