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Integrate Multiple Platforms to SAP Business One with zed Interconnect

by Matthew Melay on 25-Jul-2018 14:39:53


No two businesses are alike, and neither are the applications, custom processes, and software that collectively make up their backend. However, one thing all business have in common is for a system that can facilitate a free flow and exchange of data throughout the organisation.

For example, when growing companies that are evaluating enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions to replace their business management software there may be a need to keep some familiar systems in place to maintain a consistent customer experience.

For a businesses that wants to enable communication between multiple applications within their organisation or with their business management solution, application-to-application (A2A) integration is essential.By connecting the dots between the systems, the data, and the people in your organisation, a business can leverage information within the organization and put it to good use.

The Digital Age

The need to transfer quality data across the organisation instantaneously has never been more necessary than in the digital age. Omnichannel retailers understand the expectation that a customer of the accuracy of online inventory quantities when shopping is critical. Your salespeople also understand the importance of real-time access to customer account information so that they can keep client interactions laser-focused on meaningful conversations that build your relationship while empowering the customer to manage account details on their own time.

Or maybe your organisation has a legacy system that it has yet to abandon – whatever the reason, businesses need to be able to maintain access to critical business data to stay relevant in today's market. So how do you do that without supplanting your entire organisation’s business management system or adding process complexity?

Enter Digital Integration Platforms

Digital integration platforms offer businesses a solution. While there are similarities between software integration tools of yesteryear such as API (Application programming interface), today, what we’re talking about when we say an 'integration platform' is a system that acts as the connective tissue between a business’s various functions. These systems, like zed Interconnect, give businesses the ability to push and pull of data between external systems, third-party applications and a business management solution like SAP Business One.

Another name you might hear is an API integration platform or data integration platform – regardless of the name you use, the important thing to keep in mind is that the solution you choose needs to support seamless data transmission if it’s to ensure seamless communication throughout your organisation.

Download the zed Interconnect product brief to learn  how application-to-application (A2A) integration can enable you to connect the  systems, the data, and the people in your organization.

For example, one challenge facing a web business is getting a integration system that not only talks but can also listen; meaning there is a two-way flow of data. zed Interconnect enables you to initiate the push and pull of data between external systems and your business backend. How a business makes use of this free flow of data is up to them. zed Interconnect for instance has been used to show query data out of SAP Business One, synchronise A/R transactions, display service-related data, provide expense tracking, and more. 

Connecting the Dots

To summarise, an integration platform such as zed Interconnect is the seamless connection between your business’ backend systems that enables a free flow of accurate, and real-time information. This information allows management and employees to carry out their duties without running the risk of manual data entry errors.

If you’re still not sure where an A2A integration platform like zed Interconnect fits into the big picture of a business management solution, we’ve put together a useful guide and diagram that explains where it fits into the mix whether you're looking to tie into an eCommerce platform, CRM, or an external database.

Download the zed Interconnect product brief to learn more about how integration platforms can help your businesses to overcome the challenges of connecting applications inside and outside your organisation.

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