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10 Must Know Upgrade Implications for SAP Business One 9.0

by Steve Hearn on 25-Apr-2017 16:25:00

Upgrading to SAP Business One 9.0SAP Business One 9.0 sets the record for most features and updates released in a single upgrade. The upgrade takes advantage of the latest technologies, software and trends, keeping it at the fore-front of the ERP industry. But, for many businesses, adapting to new technologies, software and trends is often a daunting task and comes with many challenges. To help make the upgrade process as seamless as possible, Vision33 has put together 10 must know upgrade implications for SAP Business One 9.0 that you should consider before moving forward.


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1) Risk Management

When it comes time to upgrade to version 9.0, there are 3 primary risk mitigation factors that every SAP Business One owner must consider:

  • Knowledge - It is important that you know how the application is setup to fit your businesses unique processes. This means understanding the functionality, work flow processes, reporting principles, analytics, add-ons, customisations, etc of the application. The more you know about your system and how changes can affect it, the less risk when upgrading.

  • Testing - Testing is crucial in order to hash out any issues and to become familiar with new features and functions. There are two methods you can use to test the upgrade:

    • Upgrade in place: This involves installing the upgrade on your current server and testing with data currently in your system. 

    • Upgrade with a new server (recommended): With this method, you replicate the software on a new server and perform testing in the new environment. This is the recommended testing method because not only are you using test data, but the newer servers run a 64-bit operating system, which makes processing data much faster. 

  • Consulting Experience: You need an experienced consultant to guide you in the right direction. Performing an upgrade without the guidance of a consultant is not advised. If issues arise with a self-upgrade, the time and cost of hiring a consultant would far exceed that of hiring one from the start.

2) Patch Levels (PL)

With older versions of Business One, there are steps involving Patch Levels that need to be taken before version 9.0 can be installed: 

  • When upgrading from 2007 to version 9.0 you must first upgrade to version 8.82 with Patch Level 11 as there is no direct path to upgrade to 9.0.

  • When upgrading version 8.xx PLxx, you must first upgrade to version 9.0 PL05 before any additional patch levels can be installed. 

  • Additionally, all add-ons are supported by the latest Patch Level for version 9.0

3) Windows Operating Systems

SAP Business One 9.0 runs on Windows Server Operating Systems R2 and 2012. In addition, the application runs on the Windows 8 and Windows 7 Workstation Operating Systems. Since Windows has halted support for Windows XP, it is no longer certified to work with SAP Business One. 

4) Microsoft Office

SAP Business One 9.0 is supported by Office 2010 and 2013. XLReporter is not supported by Office 2013, but may be available in a later Patch Level or version update.  

5) Microsoft SQL

Upgrading your current Microsoft SQL server is one of the first steps you should consider when moving to version 9.0. SAP Business One 9.0 is compatible with SQL 2008 R2 and SQL 2012 and will not run on older SQL servers. Once Business One certified, SQL 2014 will be the optimal server of choice as it will have the ability to run in-memory, which provides a greater performance boost and is ideal to handle complex application setups.

6) Crystal Reports

Crystal Reports 2013 is supported as of version 9.0 PL09.

7) 32 & 64-bit Systems

SAP Business One 9.0 can operate on 32-bit systems, 64-bit systems, or both. You have the option to run some applications in a 32-bit environment and others in a 64-bit environment. This is important to consider because 64-bit environments perform complex processes much faster and provide overall greater system performance. 

8) New SAP Business One 9.0 Features

There are a number of new features that are designed to improve the overall user experience with SAP Business One. Here are some of the most important new features in version 9.0: Custom Workflows, SAP Business One Studio Suite, Performance EnhancementsMultiple Units of Measurement & PricingWarehouse BinsInventory CountingAdvanced G/L Determinations and Enhanced Security Features.

9) SAP Business One Powered by HANA

HANA is SAP's in memory database which stores all of your reports, dashboards, analytics, query data and more. SAP business One powered by HANA is shown to be 40% faster than conventional databases, adding speed to data retrieval and manipulation. There are 2 versions of HANA for Business One users:

  • B1A (Business One Analytics)- Your SQL server is replicated to a separate Linux operated HANA database and they work side-by-side to perform all of your processes. 

  • B1H (transaction version of the HANA database)- Replaces your SQL server entirely. Going HANA dependent is a complex process due to the fact all custom reports, queries, dashboards, etc. have to be re-created in the database. This option is ideal for companies who seek the latest cutting-edge technology for their business and who strive to become industry leaders.

10) Cloud

SAP Business One 9.0 has the option to be hosted on a dedicated web-server through the Amazon Web Service offered by Vision33. This eliminates any need for an on-premise solution, making Business One available to you from anywhere in the world. 

With the release of SAP Business One version 9.0, the footprint of the application is larger than it has ever been.

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